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Should something happen to you, how will your dependants cope? We all hope to live to a ripe old age, but life is unpredictable. Anything can happen today, tomorrow, or next month, as we live in uncertain times, with crime rampant, hijackings almost commonplace, stressed drivers on the roads driving erratically. Opportunistic muggings can happen at any time, with criminals now carrying guns. An American base jumper, that is someone who jumps off high structures or mountains with a parachute that opens halfway down, illegally jumped off Table Mountain recently, hit a rock and landed up in ICU. He has jumped off some of the tallest buildings in the world without a hitch, but this time his luck ran out.

The cruise ship, that hit a rock off the coast of Italy, none of those poor passengers that died expected to. Nobody really does expect the worst, as most of us live in denial, thinking it will never happen to me, what does that really have to do with me? That is why an accident is called just that, it happens unexpectedly. What I am trying to impress on you is the unpredictability of life, that it takes just seconds for your life to change drastically, so are you prepared? Have you done all you can to secure your family’s future? Do you have life insurance?

There is no better gift you can give those that are left behind if anything should happen to you unexpectedly. You want to see your children finish school, have your house paid off, and make sure that your family is able to cope when you are no longer there to provide for them. With life insurance they will thank you for the rest of their lives, so your memory and your legacy will not be forgotten.
Life insurance can be obtained by going online and choosing the best options for yourself and your family. There are a range of well-known insurance companies to choose from, with different benefits and offers, plus it is so easy, and fast, with the online forms provided you can choose the best cover in life insurance at very affordable premiums.

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